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Mr. Connor started in NHS Audiology in 1987. He has worked at Hospitals in Barrow, Kendal, Newcastle, Darlington and Chesterfield, ending up as Chief Audiologist in Preston. Howard spent three years working privately as a manager for BMI Healthcare Audiology Services and was awarded their 'Audiologist of the Year' award. After two years working in Switzerland for the hearing aid company Bernafon he started his own private practice in 2003.

How many people do you know who have a hearing aid they don't like? A hearing aid is not 'pre-set', all hearing aids arrive with the dispenser with a neutral setting on. How well you will hear is based on the quality of the hearing aid AND the Audiologist who programs it for you - and that comes down to a high level of skill. Howard Connor spent five years programming hearing aids for children in Lancashire with very severe hearing losses and verifying those results. Come and see an expert in the programming of Hearing aids!